Curd-rice with Grapes

Curd rice or mosaranna  is my entry for AFAM – Grapes.  We  eat curd rice  at end of our meal. When one -pot rice is made like pulav or bese-bele bath, raitha  or curd rice is made. Most often pomogranate is used, I made with red grapes of this Event.

Sending this to Swapna of Swad  for AFAM-Grapes.

For the recipe.

1 cup cooked rice

1 cup of plain curds/yogurt

1/2 cup of grapes (red or green grapes and pomogranate is also used)

For Seasoning

Urad dal, channa dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds – 1 tsp each

Curry leaves – 2 tsp

Grated coconut- 1tbsp (optional)

  1. Cool the rice to room temperature.
  2. Do the seasoning, adding the ingredints to hot oil and swith off and add to rice .
  3. Add curds,grapes and salt to taste.
  4. Mix well and serve.

Enjoy !


22 Responses to “Curd-rice with Grapes”

  1. bee Says:

    madhu, this is something i can eat for brekkers, lunch and dinner. i love yogurt. and i love yogurt rice with grapes. true comfort food.

    Its definetely comforting food any day and love to eat with some pickles on side.

  2. TheCooker Says:

    oh I love yougurt-rice with grapes. Another favourite is cucumber-raita with grapes.

    Hey I never tried using with raitha, thats sounds great. thanks.

  3. roopa Says:

    favorite rice mosaranna yum 🙂 with grapes and dalimbe. favorite.
    madhu check Yumblog for huchellu is called niger seeds she has posted for RCI too 🙂

    Dalimbe is my fav too, wish I could get some nice ones. I did check yum blog and saw your comment too, gald to find the name at Last. Thanks Roops.

  4. TBC Says:

    I have curd-rice all the time but have never added grapes to it.
    Now, do u normally add pomegranate/ grapes?

    One day to day basis we just eat rice and curd mixed together, only one special occasion I do with grapes or pomogranet. Do try with pomogranate or both it goes very well .

  5. prema Says:

    I have had curd rice with green grapes added to it in restaurants.. it tastes great. nice picture

    Thanks Prema, i find red ones are much more sweeter then the green grapes so used it.

  6. timepass Says:

    I have tasted curd rice with grapes and its just great..

    Its always comforting, isn’t it.

  7. Suganya Says:

    I love curd rice with pomegranate. Am so waiting for fall to arrive 🙂

    Me too, wish I could get some here.

  8. padmaja Says:

    curd rice with grapes, i love any fruit with curd rice and hey hope my hubby is not watching me, i love to have banana with curd rice and my hubby hates it!!!!

    Bananna with curd- rice thats new to me, should try it once. Thanks.

  9. Rajitha Says:

    shanbag hotel in hyd makes it this way… i used to love it..urs looks soo good

    It easy to make too, try it.

  10. Padma Says:

    I remember my SIL makes this often and I like the sweet things in between the curd rice, rice looking curd rice

    Yes the sweet bite of grapes make this rice so delicious.

  11. Asha Says:

    Looks yummy! I have two Mosaranna entries, one with green grapes and one with Purple grapes!:))
    Enjoy and great entry for AFAM.

    You did the same for AFAM, nice.

  12. Happy cook Says:

    It is a cleaver idea to use grapes

    Thanks HC.

  13. Tee Says:

    Unique combination…never had curd rice with any fruits 😦 will try this next time…i can imagine the nice crunch the grapes must be lending to the curd rice. 🙂

    This kind of rice is often made during get-togethers. Try it you’ll surely like it.

  14. remya Says:

    Nice entry madhu….curd rice is my hubby fav…i havent tried this way….surely next time….thanku for sharing….

    oh do try it Remya, any one will will like it for sure.

  15. anonymous Says:

    howz alaska….its my dream destination….i want to visit denali national park…have u visited these places there?
    where ever you see, its heaven right?

    It had started to snow already here, you have to make a trip to alaska. summer is the good time. We haven’t been to Denali yet but have seen southern alaska its very beautiful. Let me know when you ara planning to come. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Raji Says:

    Wow,curd rice looks creamy and still can see rice grains!! Wonderful entry ruchii:))

    Thanks Raji.

  17. lathanarasimhan Says:

    It is really amusing to see that we all do something to participate in the events!:)) I had sent panchamrutham for JFI banana!:) My daughter sent something for grapes event too! I really don’t remember which was the recipe! 😀
    We sure add grapes to curd rice ruchi! I am happy I am not the only crazy blogger!

    People who are from Mysore,B’lore are familier with this kind for curd rice. Its most often made at home and restaurants.For others it is bit different/crazy as you call it :). Panchamrutha is great enty for JFI.

  18. seena Says:

    Wonderful entry , Madhu..looks sooo delicious!

  19. sri Says:

    Curd rice with grapes thats new to me. But I like both.Should try it once. Thank you for this combination.

  20. Shella Says:

    Curd rice with grapes sounds like a very good yum combo. They look good too, so I bet they tasted awesome. Lovely

  21. Kredyt_pod_zastaw_samochodu Says:

    But a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style and design. “Competition is a painful thing, but it produces great results.” by Jerry Flint.

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