Mysore Masale Dose

Please check this link for the recipe of Mysore Masale Dose.


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  1. Manasi Says:

    Lovely!! and awesome pictorial!!! visual treat!

    Oh thanks Manasi… 🙂

  2. Tee Says:

    Beautiful presentation ! I am definitely going to try out your authentic Mysore Masala recipe…your dosas look perfectly golden and crisp, just the way I like them 🙂

    I would love to hear from you about the doses, when you make it.Don’t forget to add channa dal it makes the dosa crispy,just the way you like it.

  3. mamatha Says:

    Dose nodi Bayiyalli neeru barutide,
    Nice Entry for RCI

    Thanks Mamatha.

  4. Roopa (Kitchenaromas) Says:

    Wow! Mouth watering pictures! Adding chana dal is new to me; will give it a shot. Thanks!

    For crispyness, we add lilltemore channadal for dosa. Do try it and let me know. I did went back and checked your comment, thanks for connecting the Roopas, Now I can remember….

  5. Roopa (Kitchenaromas) Says:

    BTW, I loved your set dosa recipe too. They came out spongy soft and they are an absolute treat. When I had left a comment on that post of yours (, I didn’t have a blog! Just thought I’d connect the two Roopas! 🙂

  6. Lakshmi Says:

    Madhu I can feel the aroma ………going to India on Sunday. Will definitely get to eat this from my MIL in Mysore.

    WowLakshmi, Going for Ganesha Habba ? Have fun and eat well…..

  7. redchillies Says:

    Madhu, looks awesome! Tumba channagidde. Wish you could ship us those beauties. Reminds me of Vidhyarthi Bhavan dosa.

    RC, You can come over, I’ll be happy to make you some hot dosas.. Thanks.

  8. Nags Says:

    beautiful documentin of the process.. love the way you have put the ingredients and the final product 🙂

    i am planning to cook kannadiga food this weekend. still on the look out for something authentic 🙂

    Thanks Nags, Will be waiting to see your entry for RCI.

  9. TheCooker Says:

    Such beautiful pictures. Loved the visual way you presented the recipes.
    The dosa looks perfect!

    Thanks for nice words C.

  10. Raaga Says:

    Wonderful. This is going to be one of my entries too 🙂

    Will be waiting to see your post on Masala dosa Raaga. Its always a treat, can’t get enough of them.

  11. srivalli Says:

    so tempting…all the pictures are lovely…

    Thanks Sri.

  12. Asha Says:

    Madhu, thank you so much. I like the thick dosa, looks yum.I always make it very thin,must try your way.Chutney looks great too.Thanks for both,hugs:))
    I will post mine K dishes today.

    Thanks Asha, its my pleasure. Will be heading to your blog to see what’s cooking 🙂

  13. Happy Cook Says:

    Come on it is a slaughter looking to you step by step pictures. I am dead hungry. And the read paste spread over the dosa, i am just drooling here.
    Wish i was living next to you

    I’ll be happy to make you dosas anytime.. so come on over. Thanks.

  14. Padma Says:

    Ruchi, great minds think alike, even I made them for the same event….what can I say they look simply superb!

    Thanks Padma, We are never tired of making and eating them.

  15. sia Says:

    very good choice for RCI. the pics r droolworthy 🙂

    Thanks Sia.

  16. jeena Says:

    WOW that dosa looks fabulous!

    Thanks Jeena.

  17. TBC Says:

    I love dosas in any form & yours are absolutely perfect. Your pics are fabulous and I like the collage .

    Same here love dosas any kind, collage is done by using Picasa-photoshop. Thanks.

  18. pooja v Says:

    Dosas are almost staple weekend brkfast at our place. They taste so good and smell heavenly.

    Thats very true smells great, and don’t get tired of it. Thanks pooja.

  19. Manasi Says:

    I have a query… infact this nagging doubt, so here it is….
    can i use regular basmati rice for this dosa? U have mentioned long grain, and I have only that at home now? what say?

    Yes you can surely add that if thats the only thing you have, i have used that couple times. Dosas will be good with that too.

  20. Rajitha Says:

    this is not fair… my mouth is watering.. looks delicious..

    Thanks Rajitha, Grab a bit 🙂

  21. Kumudha Says:

    I love masala dose. Pictures look so tasty!

    Thanks Kumudha.

  22. Latha Says:

    Yummy dose MAdhu! I’m hungry now 🙂

    You make some delicious dosa yourself. Thanks Latha.

  23. Suma Gandlur Says:

    Delicious looking masala doses, Madhu. I too make masala dosas the same way.

  24. Baskaran Says:

    Amazing presentation. Unlike the masla dosas made in Tamilnadu the Mysore masala dosas are full bodied with a crispy skin texture and fluffy springy textured body. The only limitation with these dosas are that they become leathery if not taken hot possibly because the addition of Bengal gram and raw rice .To get over this problem some recipes for Mysore masala dosas include Rava along with other ingredients mentioned by you in the dosa batter to make them crispy
    Ur comments please

  25. Namratha Says:

    Yum yum fabulous feast!! :)Awesome entries, love the red chutney..

    Thanks Namratha, without the red chutney dosa wouldn’t be masala dosa.

  26. dddd Says:

    Really pretty.If pictures can be transformed into real food, I would be full by now. Can you also post along with tamarind measurements,how much of tamarind paste is needed. I use tamarind paste and have to guess the proportion.

  27. Ramya Says:

    Hi, i tried your recipe and Dosa’s came out very tasty and delicious. But the red chutney dint come out good. just wanted to know if we have to fry the onions for the red chutney before we grind.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  28. vani Says:


    i tried this recepi. this came out really well, crispy dosas and my family enjoyed it a lot. pls update more recepies often.

  29. Harini Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Can you tell me where I can find this long grain rice? Would it be available in the Indian grocery stores?

    I am sooooo excited to try this recipe tomorrow.
    Thanks for your time!

    Hi Harini,
    Thanks for stoping by, here in US they differenciate rice as short and long grain(in department stores). You Can use any of them, if you don’t get any, use regular rice you use on daily basis. Hope you try it.

  30. Harini Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    I tried your recipe with long grain rice itself 🙂 It came out great! Thanks once again. Looking forward for some more recipe from you.

  31. Sreesh Says:

    Hi Madhu, I would be very grateful if you could give me the receipe for making the Masala used in masala puri ah! my mouth is watering, pls help 🙂 Thanks, Sreesh

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