Ragi Rotti and Ennegayi


Rottis are one of the tiffin items commonly made in every household, its either made with rice flour or ragi flour. In north karnataka region it usually made with jowar flour and which is called jolada rott/jowar roti.

Ennegayi- enne (oil), kayi/gayi- coconut, made with eggplant/brinjal(badanekayi) goes very well with any kind of rottis. This is my favorite side dish and this is my mother’s recipe. My entry for RCI-Karnataka hosted by Asha of Foodie,s hope.


           For Ragi Rotti


  • Ragi flour- 3cups, boiling water-2 cups or more, cumin seeds-1tsb,red onion chopped- 1 meduim size,curry leaves – few.
  • Bring water to boil, to the flour mix onion,cumin and curry leaves add salt and boiling water.
  • Mix well, cover for 10 mins steam from the hot water soften the flour. Then with little oil mix the dough. It should be soft and not too hard.
  • Smear oil on flat griddle or round bottomed wok (bandle), spread in circular motion with the help of some oil or water.
  • Cover and cook on medium high heat for 2-3 mins, once the edges start leaving the vessel take out and serve.
  • Enjoy it when its warm.

* leaving for too long on griddle makes it hard. so cook on med-high heat for few mins. For detail on making rotti check the link here for  akki-rotti.



As the name itself it needs lots of coconut and oil, but I have used just few tbsp of each.

  • Veggies I used – eggplant, tomato and oinon.
  • For grinding into paste: Small peice of onion, coconut-2 tssb,roasted-channa dal(hurigadale)-2tbsp,poppy seeds(gasagase)-2tbsp, ginger- 1inch peice, green chilli- 1, cinnamon-clove- 2each.
  1. Heat oil in thick vessel add mustard and cumin seeds then add veggies and fry till onions are soft. In the mean while grind the above ingredients to smooth paste using water.
  2. Then add the ground paste to the veggies, add salt and pinch of turmeric mix well , add enough water. Cover and cook for 10 mins.
  3.  It will be ready by now. Enjoy with rottis.


Will be back on Monday with Masala Dose recipe-Mysore style. Have a nice weekend everyone.


23 Responses to “Ragi Rotti and Ennegayi”

  1. Roopa (Kitchenaromas) Says:

    Madhu, this is an awesome entry! The ragi rotti looks so soft. It definitely has been a while since I used my bandle but I am guessing it won’t work that well on a coil burner! 😦

    Hi Roopa, You can make in coil burner too… make sure you keep turning the bandle to give even heat. Hope it come well when you try it. thanks…

  2. Tee Says:

    Your Ragi rotti looks so inviting…i make jolada rotti but never tried one with ragi. Ragi Rotti and Ennegayi looks like a great combo together. Have a great weekend!

  3. Tee Says:

    oh! one more thing…can we also add chilli powder to the ragi rotti flour and eat it just by itself?

    Tee green chillis along with onions tastes very good you can try that and also red chilli powder and just eat it by it self. I have never made jolada rotti have to try ti once

  4. Rajitha Says:

    wowo.. never eaten ragi roti… it is so pretty, love the color.

    Thanks Rajitha, do try it sometimes its very healthy too.

  5. Zlamushka Says:

    This Liks soooo beautiful, Love the shape and the color of your roti. And the curry, wow. You really know how to play with colors 🙂

    Oh thanks for your nice words Zlamushka.

  6. Latha Says:

    Oh my MAdhu! Love your bandli styled rottis! I dont have an authentic bandli to try this shape out, even though I grew up with it 🙂
    Rotti and yenegai looks yumm!

    I always like bandli rottis,its more crispier then tava rottis I think. Thanks latha.

  7. redchillies Says:

    Madhu, looks awesome. I am always looking for brinjal recipes. I had a question, for the yenegai do you grind raw onion or sauteed onion?

    Hi RC, all the ingredints you see for grinding should be used as such no need to sautee or fry

  8. jeena Says:

    Lovely recipes your vegetables look very delicious. 🙂

    Thanks Jeena.

  9. Suma Gandlur Says:

    Raagi rotti looks delicious.
    Somehow I was thinking that ennegaayi is stuffed brinjals.
    Waiting for Mysore masala dose recipe.
    I also saw that you have posted rave idli recipe already.
    I think there are going to be lot of Karnataka dishest his month, on your blog 🙂

    Thanks Suma, Its most of the time made like stuffed brinjal, this week its tiffin items for RCI. Will be posting dose recipe soon.

  10. roopa Says:

    wow great entry madhu, no chance for me with ragi rottis your engai masala looks auite different too 🙂

    Thanks Roopa, its not that hard try it, ennegayi recipe is different then the authentic one its my mother’s recipe.

  11. Raaga Says:

    I just brought back a bag of ragi flour. I will try this soon.

    Thats nice, try it Raaga.

  12. Padma Says:

    What a great recipe Madhu, I love ragi balls I frequently make them…but never tried to make raagi rottis as iwas a flop show for me, that rotti cracked….you have a beautiful demonstration here…can you post JOnna rotti too! (jowar flour rotis) I used to have that at my neighbour aunty’s place, they are kannadigas and make perfect shape n textured rotis

    Thanks Padma, add hot water for making dough and oil while patting the rotti flour there will not be any crack. And about jolada rotti its famous in north karnataka region I haven’t try it yet. It very new to me too..

  13. Lakshmi Says:

    I always love this combo. So I can only say ‘fantastic’. Earthy flavor of raagi rotti and that hot n spicy ennagai are perfect combination.

    Me too love this combination and thanks for nice words Lakshmi.

  14. shama Says:

    great blog!!!
    very well written and such lovely pictures.

    Welcome ! Shama and thanks for nice words.

  15. Asha Says:

    Madhu,thank you so much.Both are mouthwatering.quickly checking all the RCI entries today,can’t focus for too long,Cornea is still healing but will be alright soon. Have a appointment on 10th for a clean bill:)
    Thanks again.

    Glad to see you back Asha.. 🙂

  16. Vani Says:

    Oooh, I LOVE raagi rottis! Especially love the bandlay ones rather than the tawa ones. Yennegai looks yum!
    I must try rava idlies your way. The couple times I tried they came out really dense.
    Looking forward to more Karantaka entries from you! 🙂

    I think Bandle rotti tastes and have nice texture to it then tava rotti. Do try the idlies and let me know, will be posting masale dose recipe soon.Thanls Vani.

  17. roopa Says:

    loved reading your blog:) u have a nice collection of recipes here:)

  18. jamesabyad Says:

    Wow, this looks really good!

  19. Otylia Says:

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  20. Jolanta Says:

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    Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag
    Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag
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    Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag

    Makki ki roti & Sarson ka saag is one of the most famous Punjabi dish, needs no introduction. It is prepared with mustard leaves, accompanied with makki ki roti. The luscious green sarson ka saag tastes fabulous with makki ki roti & a dollop of butter.

    Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag

    A north indian delicacy which is completely absorbed in punjabi tradition. Prepared mainly in winter season in punjab region of India. The cuisine is a must try in Punjab, a perfect meal for people who love healthy traditional food.

    Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag

    This rich & irresistible dish is easy to prepare. Main ingredients are mustard leaves (sarson ki bhaji) & maize flour ( makki ka atta). Mustard leaves are a little bitter in taste, but when cooked with milder tasting spinach, ghee/butter & spices the taste is heavenly.


    For sarson ka saag:

    2 bunches of mustard leaves (sarson leaves)
    1 bunch of spinach (palak)
    1 inch of ginger grated
    4-5 cloves of garlic crushed
    2 medium sized onion finely chopped
    4-5 green chilies
    1 pinch of asafoetida
    1/2 tsp cumin seeds
    1 tsp coriander powder
    1 tsp garam masala
    1 tsp red chili powder
    2 tbsp maize flour (makki ka atta)
    2 tbsp ghee
    Salt to taste

    For makki ki roti:

    2 cups of maize flour (makki ki atta)
    1 tsp of ajwain (optional)
    Hot water as required
    Salt to taste


    For sarson ka saag:

    1. Wash mustard & spinach leaves, remove leaves from stems.

    2. Pressure cook mustard & spincah leaves up to 5-6 whistle with a little salt.

    3. Mash it with a potato masher or use hand blender. But make sure not to puree the mixture.
    The roughness of leaves & stalks should be there.

    4. Add maize flour to mustard & spinach mixture & mix well.

    5. Heat ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds, wait till it crackles, now add asafoetida (hing).

    6. Thereafter add ginger, garlic, stir for few seconds.

    7. Add chopped onions & cook till they become a little translucent, add green chilis & stir for
    some time.

    8. Now add red chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala & stir.

    9. Mix mustard & spinach mixture to this, salt & cook for 8-10 mins on low flame. You can add
    water if required.

    10. Garnish with a dollop of butter, sarson ka saag is ready to serve.

    For makki ki roti:

    1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

    2. Make a soft dough with hot water, knead for a few minutes.

    3. Divide dough into equal-sized balls. Lightly flour a rolling surface & roll each ball into a
    circle approx 5″ in diameter (1/4″ thick)

    4. Now heat tava/griddle & place roti very carefully on it.

    5. Flip & cook from other side till you see red-brown marks & get that distinct aroma.

    6. Serve hot makki ki roti glazed with butter on top & piping hot sarson ka saag.

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    Chole Bhature
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    Gobhi Paratha
    Gobhi Paratha
    Sweet Lassi
    Sweet Lassi

    Posted by shobha rawal at 02:33
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    Sherin Deepu9 December 2013 03:41

    I remember this from the hindi movies I have watched.Luved ur pictures dear.
    Yes Cook9 December 2013 07:19

    Excellent and mouthwatering combination. Well prepared.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ruxana Gafoor9 December 2013 11:28

    lovely and a healthy platter
    Sona – quick picks/pick quicks10 December 2013 23:26

    yumm yummy platter.
    kumars kitchen12 December 2013 05:12

    this post is so perfectly time for the winters…comforting and delicious food,thanks 🙂
    sudha31 January 2014 00:21

    My favourite one……..


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    Ragi is very good for health and specially for Diabetic patient it is a god gift

  23. Poornima Says:

    It looks so tempting… yummy. .. can u tell me where do we get bandlay for making these in bangalore? Thank you so much in advance

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