Set dosa and Sagu

Please click this link for the recipe

76 Responses to “Set dosa and Sagu”

  1. Krithika Says:

    Looks delicious Madhu ! Have never tried set dosa at home. Will try your recipe . How do you ferment the batter in Alaska 🙂

    Thanks Krithika, It will be very good for weekend breakfast or brunch. Do try it.
    About the fermention, with the heater on all the time its 75 degrees inside and I grind and keep it for fermenting inside the micro oven so no circulation of air. Its working like that.

  2. shilpa Says:

    I love this combo Madhu. Thanks a lot for sharing it. I am going to prepare it soon.

    I too like this combo a lot but make it very often. Do try it Shilpa….

  3. lakshmi Says:

    nice looking Set Dosa, looks so perfect

    Thanks Lakshmi.

  4. Roopa Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    I’ve been frequenting your blog for a while but never left a note before. Your blog and recipes have a cozy feeling of home cooked food and I love it! I read in one of your older posts that you are from Mysore; I am from Bangalore, now based in Denver. I can see the tastes of Karnataka portrayed really well on your blog 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the set dosa recipe; I love dosa in any form and this spongy little things are one of my favorites. I am going to give this a try over this weekend. I have tried this before, but have always added rice:dal 3:1. Time for a change!
    – Roopa

    Welcome Roopa, Thank you for the lovely note.
    Hope you try it with this ratio and see how it works for you. Even I was adding 3:1(rice:dal) for regular dosas. Later I started 2:1 ratio. Its much softer thisnway. So try it and let me know.

  5. Trupti Says:

    This is new to me Madhu….and looks like a perfect recipe for brunch. Both look delicious! especially the Korma. It must be dark now this time of the year over there….hope you and your family are doing well.

    Like you said it would be perfect for brunch and soft ,your boys would love it too. I make like ‘mickey mouse’ shape dosas for my daughter she loves it.
    Last sunset was on Nov 19th and have to wait untill January to see the sunrise. Thanks for asking trupthi….. We are all doing good. Will be going to India pretty soon so excited about that.
    Let me know if you give it a try.

  6. usha Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    This is my first comment on your site.The beakfast item is very tempting…Especially the side dish.
    Step by step picture add beauty to the post.

    Welcome Usha, thank you for stoping by. Its very nice combination… sagu or kurma goes very well this kind of dosas. Do try it.

  7. seema Says:

    hey madhu:
    i loveeee set dosa’s and make it often with kurma …ur recipe for kurma looks different from mine and looks yummy too …will try it our soon

  8. Vani Says:

    Yum! I love dosa in any form and this one looks so good, Madhu! The kurma looks awesome too!

  9. Lera Says:

    Beautiful dosa’s these are so tempting!! madhu, Thanks a lot for sharing this much coveted recipe by me 🙂 I shall be glad to try this sometime soon…:)

  10. Deepa Says:


    Nanu set dosa recipege huduktha idde nim website nalli sadhya sikthu 🙂
    I will try this soon. Hegide nimmooru? Chalee shuru agirbeku allva?


  11. Asha Says:

    OMG, Madhu! Yummy.
    My dad took us once to this little restaurant in Mysore where he used to eat set dosa and chutney when he was in college.It was so delicious I still remember that taste.
    Thank you so much for these recipe.I am saving it all:))
    Do you still remember the restaurnts name by any chance……? will be going to Mysore pretty soon thinking to check that out….
    Do try it and let me know…..Thanks.

  12. Lakshmiammal Says:

    Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. Set dosas looks so appealing!
    Thak you Lakshmi.

  13. Priya Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Wonderful recipe, I just love these but never had a recipe !!
    I missed all your yummy posts since your trip to New York. Hope you had a great time and I am now off to catch up on all your previous posts 🙂
    Welcome back Priya, do try it its similsr to the dosa recipe you have posted (using avalakki). With sagu to go along with it tastes so good.
    I am taking too many vacations this year and time for one more…….see you later.

  14. jaya Says:

    Hi madhu
    wonderful recipes , i have dosa batter going to prepare it rightaway
    thank you for the recipe
    Do let me know how you like it…Thanks

  15. MenuToday Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Set Dosa and sagu looks yummy. Can I use this Masala for any sagu??? Thanks for sharing.,
    Thank you MT, Oh why not ? you can use this masala for any kind you want to….(where ever we use poppy seeds with coconut and chillies we call sagu)

  16. Surya Says:

    Hi madhu,
    I tried set dosa and saagu yesterday for dinner madhu. It came out very well. Dosa was so soft and tasty.This is the first time I am trying poha for making dosa. I added some tamarind to the saagu.It also came out good. Thanks

  17. Priya Dilip Says:

    Hi Madhu..
    came across your site through Asha’s foodie’s hope… u have great recipes out there and it reminds me of my mom;s food a lot and subtle differences from my recipes.. will try urs.. many of yours… feels very happy to have started blogging after coming across so many food blogs ..
    will try your recipe soon..
    Thanks n Cheers
    Priya Dilip

  18. Hemlata Mehta Says:


    Thank you very much for the dosa recipe, I have tried it out and it came out very nicely. Coul you pls let me know how long can this dough be kept in the fridge and also i remember making it in the morning and when i came back home the balance dosa was already dried, any tips for this.



  19. Madhuri Says:

    BahaLa chenaagidhey Madhu madam, nimma recipegaLu. Do continue posting your wonderful recipes.

  20. Nalini Says:

    We used to get these dosas in our canteen too!! I’ve always wondered how they made it so soft and now I know it!! yours looks so– appetizing.

  21. Madhuri Says:

    Madhu, I had another question – do you use regular rice (2 cups) or that ponni boiled rice for the batter?

  22. jayakarthik Says:

    hey madhu
    set dosa n the side dish came out really well
    thanks onceagain for sharing the recipe with us
    the taste still lingers in my mouth 😀

  23. Arjuna Says:

    I have heard about set dosas from my husband but never actually tried it. Now that I have the recipe I will try them someday.

  24. Trupti Says:

    Hope all’s well, just a note to say happy holidays to you and your family…take care.


  25. Meenal Mehta Says:

    Hey Ruchi,

    this is mouthwatering..very nice …jsut wanted to say hello…

    have a good holiday season:)

  26. mandira Says:

    Delicious combination, if only I can reach and pick one of those dosas… Happy Holidays!

  27. Priya S&S Says:

    Wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year !

  28. Priya Says:

    Wishing peace, health, and happiness in 2007 and always. Happy New year to you and your family !

  29. Archana Says:

    Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

  30. Aparna Says:

    Hi MAdhu,

    Hosa varshada shubhashayagalu!


  31. jayakarthik Says:

    hI madhu
    happy new year wishes to you and to ur family member
    i tried out the setdosa along with the side dish it came very well thanks once again for sharing it

  32. Ramya Says:

    Looks very good. I am going to try it today. Can anyone give me recipe for spicy bisibelebhath. Thanks

  33. Ramya Says:

    Can anybody give recipw for bangalore hotel chutney

  34. roopashri Says:

    namaskara madhuge..
    nimma sagu and set dose recepie super agidhe..i was searching for the recepie and nimmadu sikkithu…i am from bangalore and it brought me back memories of eating set dose in adiga’s..sagu anthu its exactly how i make..thanks

  35. shilpa Says:

    Madhu, I tried this and it was amazing. Thanks a lot.

  36. haripriya Says:

    Sagu looks delicious …will sure give a try..thnx for sharing!!!:))

  37. Ravi Says:

    Oh! I wish i could pick that set dose right off your website and polish it off! Thanks for a wonderful recipe and a mouth watering photo. It makes me feel maybe I could make it myself, someday.

  38. Anisha Says:

    Hi Madhu, this is the first time I am visiting your site. I was searching for the perfect ratio for Dal and Rice in dosa batter, and knocked down urs. Believe me, I was in Coimbatore for 26 years, almost everyday dosa was the breakfast in our home, yet I never had the idea to note down any of my mom’s recipes. Not even single one I know which she makes…..a perfect loser..:)) neways, Iam also a fan of set dosas, and would try this, this weekend, insha Allah. If only it comes well….I have a question, can I use the same ratio in NJ too? and is it the same ratio n procedure for ordinary dosas also?

  39. smitha Says:

    Hey Madhu,

    Your set dosa’s look perfect!!! I am sure this tastes great too! IT reminds me of the Iyers lunchhome in mysore. He used have Dosa’s just like the one you have here. My mouth is watering!


  40. sanjana Says:

    Hi Madhu

    Lovely presentation of the set dosa. Planning to make this for Sunday brunch. will let you know how it turns out to be. I have already tried Chitvish version of set dosa and the result is perfect dosas.

  41. Seema Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    I live in London and was looking for Sagu receipie….Tomorrow, my chikappa is coming to London from bangaloru.,Will try sagu Dose. I am sure, he will be freak out.
    I remember, Sagu masale is a fav combo in the most sort out joint..SLV in B’lore….And the best part is, thsi combo was available only on sundays….everyone ordered for sagu masale….wow, it brings back old memories…which is so very nice and warm:)…
    Thanks for the receipie:)


  42. Aparna Says:

    hello Madhu,

    nimma parichaya ninge illa, but nimma set dosa recipe try maade.. toobane chanaagi ittu, so mail maadtha iddini.. thanx..

  43. Sushma Says:

    Its very nice to see let me try at home.

  44. pritya Says:

    Dear Madhu, Displaying all the ingredients makes it so user-friendly. And talk of appetizing display – the dosa with this sagu definitely makes me want to try it out. Quite different from the usual! Thank You for this.

  45. Vee Says:

    How many cups of vegetables do you generally use? I’d like to cook for 3 people – one who’s a hearty eater, so how much do I increase the masala ingredients? Lovely pix BTW.

  46. anita Says:

    Hi madhu, i tried set dosas as per ur was parents who used to go to hotel to eat set dosas now forgot that and started making at home(dharwad,karnataka)…i’ll soon be making them at my in-laws place too(Pune) as my hubby loves all kinds of dosas…they were perfect as in hotel.yummy even sagu was gr8 thanks again for such a wounderful,useful receipe i was searching for it from long time.i had read on different sites but was not satisfied but seeing the PIXS u’ve given was temepted to try out and it was gr8..Thanks!!

  47. Lakshmi Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    I have started a blog by name taste of mysore. Nimage swagatha.



  48. Manjula Says:

    This receipe looks good. Yesterday i made set dosa . It came out very well. I am planning to make kurma. Can you tell me approximately how much vegetables total alltogether i should add?
    Waiting for your reply.
    Hi Manjula,
    Glad to hear that dosa turned out well. I used 2 cup od vegetables all together for 2 people. You can add more or less accordingly.
    Thanks for stoping by leaving a note.

  49. Rakhee Says:

    My dosa turns out good. But this set dosa came out great “Really great.” My family loved it I even made the saghu with the set dosa and that also came out very good. Can you give me reciepe of how to make chakly?
    I am very glad Rakhee ,to know set dosa came out well and your family liked it. Sure will do a post on chakkli in few days…..keep checking. Thanks for trying my recipe and leaving a note.

  50. soumya Says:

    Lovely looking set dosa.Just like that what we get in hotels.

  51. jay Says:

    i tried out set dosas. it was superb. i tried even akki roti. all ur receipes are to the point and there is no confusion at all. thanx for posting this.

  52. Set Dosa with Saagu Indian Food & Andhra Recipes from Sailu’s Kitchen Says:

    […] versions of set dosai recipe at Ruchi’s, Seema’s and Tee’s blogs. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking […]

  53. Aparna Says:

    We have been eating set dosa in Bangalore for the past couple of years and have been looking for this receipe. Thanks for publishing this receipe. I have made set dosa today. Kurma came very well and easy to prepare. We liked it very well. As we doesn’t have grinder currently, we have used blender to make the batter. We used more water to make the batter as it was not grinding very well with less water and batter became little loose. So, we have added little rice flour to make batter thick and dosa came well but still we missed the exact shape/taste of set dosa. Please advice if you have any tips to make batter little thick as we have more batter left that can be tried. Once again Thanks for your receipe.

    Thanks for trying it out Aparna, I too had the similar problem with blender so changed to Indian mixie(preethi) now batter turns out good for me.
    My Advice to you is..
    1. Change to mixie or grinder
    2. If using blender,grind in small batches.
    3. For your left over thin batter-soak half a cup each of rice and poha and grind together and add it to leftover thin batter. It will be soft as set dosa should be.Hope this works.
    4. Adding rice flour to dosa batter makes it crispy but good for plain dosas.

  54. lakshmi Says:


    this is the first time I’m visiting your site. it was the set dosa recipe that caught my attention while browsing.
    I use 3:1 ratio rice-dal, now I want to try your version.
    would you know a recipe called bonda soup which is served in bangalore, in small restaurants. It’s not bonda sambar but bonda soup. If you’ve the recipe, pls do post it – it’s one of my favorite.
    shall go thru your other recipes and get back.

    bye for now.

    Welcome Lakshmi, Adding 2:1 makes it more soft. I have never eaten bonda soup, sounds very yummy. I am asking you a favour now, plese do let me know the recipe, if you find anywhere. thanks appreciate your comment

  55. Tee Says:

    Hey Madhu,
    I think your set dosa picture has been used on this website,
    do check it out.

    Thanks Tee, they have 2 of my pics, last week I did leave a comment now the comment section is removed. Don’t know how to stop it. 😦

  56. sri Says:

    Set dosai looks soft and beautiful. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

  57. dddd Says:

    It looks really yummy. I will try it this weekend.

  58. Nivedita Says:

    Hi Madhu
    thank u so much for wonderful recipe, i m visiting your site first time. I loved the dosa. so easy recipe, and I always wondered how to make, whenever I had it in Restaurant!!!!! Thanks again.

  59. dddd Says:

    I tried it and it was yummy. The dosa tastes very nice and saagu is a perfect match. Thanks for the recipe.

  60. Sujatha Says:

    Great recipe and looks yummy!!!
    Please let me know what type of rice you have used (Par boiled or raw rice – ponni, sonna masoori,…

    Thanks Sujatha, I have used regular long grain rice, you can use any rice except par boiled one. Hope you give it a try.

  61. Thanu Says:

    Ended up here while googling for a “Sagu” recipe. It made sense to try it out before i leave a comment. I tried it out for lunch along with Rava Idli . It was really really good. My hubby said it reminded him of one of his favourite Bangalore food joint’s “Saagu” taste. Thank you very much.
    I will try your recipe for Set Dosa next.

    Hi Thanu,
    That’s so nice of you to let me know. Hope you make this more often now.

  62. Sonia Says:

    Hiii madhu,

    Lovely recipes… and a lifesaver for me cheers!!!!! I hail from north and my boyfriend is a kanadiga…. I made akki roti with onion-tomato gojju yesterday for him inspired by your recipes…. .its was yummmmmyyyyy and guess what compliment i got…. it same as his mom coooks…. thanks a ton dear…. may god bless you… please keep updating your site with more recipes of udupi side…

    I am very glad to know roti and gojju came out well and impressive. I am from Mysore region so I mostly cook recipes from that region. If you are interesed in Udupi cusine, check from my fellow blogger, she has lots of recipes.
    Thanks for your comment Sonia.

  63. Harini Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    I tried your set dosa recipe and it was delicious and soooooooooft….just what i was looking for!!! Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe. The proportions of the ingredients is perfect!


    I am glad Harini, you liked the recipe. Thanks for letting me know.

  64. devs Says:

    i m going to try this recipe, but 8hrs fermentation is fine but i dont think its required to soak them for 8 hrs,,, if you take total preparation time then its going to be around 18 hrs including kurma and then frying it …. wow its lotttttttttt of time

  65. Poori and Vegetable Saagu (Karnataka Style) | REDCHILLIES Says:

    […] its quantity is what makes the taste unique. This is usually accompanied with Poori or Rava Idli or Set Dosa, but tastes equally good with Rice or […]

  66. hi Says:

    hi it is nice

  67. Says:

    i recently came accross your blog and like your blog. i have also started a foodblog recently.keep up your good work and i wish u a very success.



  68. munu Says:

    My dosa batter became thin. Is this will effect for fermentation.?

  69. sunu Says:

    its yummy

  70. Radhika Says:

    Even am from mysore and spent all my childhood in Old Agrahara..I miss the yummy dosa, especially benne dose,idly ,vada sagu..Now am in London i miss the breakfast ..whenever my mom got bored of cooking we used tell dad to pack some dosas and idlis..gosh i miss it so much..and Agrhara is such a place that you find the very old but lovely hotels in talking about early 80s

  71. Klara Says:

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  72. Cezary Says:

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite certain I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  73. Stanislaw Says:

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