Spring Onion Curry/Gojju


Hello eveyone….I am back from chicago, had very nice time there. Visited Devon avenue and got lots of groceries. Thanks to all of you who suggested the place.

Last week when I was talking over the phone, my cousine mentioned about spring onion curry she made that day. In last 5 years living here I had brought spring onions few times but didnot used for cooking, just used as garnish on noodles. So after talking to her, got the recipe and did try it for the first time. I was very nice,light onion taste with little sourness from tomato.

So here is the recipe,


2 bunch of spring onion.

1 medium size tomato


1tsp of sambhar powder (or any curry powder)

1tsp of jaggery or brown sugar

1/2 tsp of tamrind paste or about 2tsp juice of tamarind soaked in water

salt as per taste

To garnish fresh coconut and few spring onion( this is optional)

1tsp of oil and mustard seeds for seasoning.

sp-curry-4.jpg   sp-curry-3.jpg

Method :

1. Heat a tsp of oil, when hot add mustard seeds. When it starts to pop add veggies.

2. Saute it for few minutes( both tomato and sp onion take less time to cook). Than add all the spices. Add water and let it cook for 10 min or so.

3. Taste it to make sure all the spice and salt are well adjusted. Finaly garnish with coconut and few sp onions.

4. Tastes good with chapathis


Enjoy !


26 Responses to “Spring Onion Curry/Gojju”

  1. Asha Says:

    YAY!! My Mysore buddy girl is baaaack!!

    And what a wonderful dish you post as soon as you start!! Yummy!! Bayalli neeroorta ide!! Slurp!!

    Excellent pics and recipe,thank you,Madhu!!:)

    Its good to be back and blogging again. Missed all my fellow bloggers recipes have a lot of  catching up to do.  Try it Asha..It tastes very good with coorg style akki roti.

  2. Hema Says:

    Hi Madhu, the curry looks yummy. So colorful!!

    Thank you Hema..

  3. Latha Says:

    Hi Asha,

    Welcome back. I love Devon Street. I cannot stop eating nor shopping when we go there. Glad u had a good time in Chicago!

    What a delicious, colorful curry. I am always looking for new curries for chapathis. We eat chapathis almost every night for dinner. So next time I remember to buy spring onions (soon hopefully) I will give this recipe a try.
    Nanagu bayyalli neeroortaa ide 🙂

    Hi Latha,

         It was fun Latha, we didn’t have much time to spent at Devon ave. Just had one evening manage to eat some chats and dinner…..it was goood.

    Its the same here chapathis everynight, I too will be looking for diffeent curries to make. Hope you give it a try and let me know. Btw i am Madhu, guess you got confused….: )

  4. Trupti Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    I’ve been to your blog many times but have never left a comment….I just read an older post regarding your town in Alaska….I live in Newfoundland, which is also known for its bitter winters and isolated areas…though we are lucky to have some Indian families here…but I do remember when there wasn’t as much here….I wish you all the best to you and your family. Take care.


    Hello Trupthi, welcome to my blog and thank you for taking time to comment. As soon as I saw that you are from Newfoundland I looked on internet to see where you live. Its similar to place we live. How about you have any indian grocery stores near you ? write some more about your life stlye when you get time. Thanks for sharing….. 

  5. Lera Says:

    Madhu, your spring onion curry is on our menu to night for chappathi…Thanks for sharing..:)

    It tastes wonderful with chapathis Lera. I bet you get more tastier spring onions there in B’lore. Let me know how you liked  it.

  6. prema Says:

    Spring onion curry looks attractive… thanks for a new recipe

     Thanks Prema, do try it and let me know how you liked it.

  7. Trupti Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    We don’t have a full fledged Indian grocery store here but a local Indian Physician has collaborated with a grocery chain here that brings us our daals, rices, frozen veggies and the like at one of the main stores…..The city I now live in St.John’s has seen many Indian families move here recently…and it is indeed growing..I looked up your town of Barrow on Google and i was amazed…it is certainly isolated. The only way I use to keep my sanity years ago when I was Single, was to read a lot of good books and also watch Indian movies, and of course, cook. I also listen to a lot of Indian music…and having such Indian influences around me helped a lot…which is about the only thing you can do when there is blowing snow outside and the temp is always in the negatives!
    Now that I have moved to St.John’s, I have my 2 small kids that keep me busy. I commend your strength, and by choosing to blog, you’ve already demonstrated that you won’t let the isolation of your community affect you. Internet and blogging is a great way to be in touch. I wish you a lot of luck…Come visit us in Newfoundland sometime.


  8. shilpa Says:

    Wow…that looks amazing Madhu. I know only 1-2 recipes using spring onions, this will definitely be a nice addition :). Thanks for sharing.

    I would love to know the other 2 recipes to do with sp. onions Shilpa. Will be looking for your post on that. Thanks……

  9. Vani Says:

    Very interesting recipe! I’ll certainly try it sometime soon!

    It was bit differnt and delicious. Do try it….Thank you for stoping by Vani.

  10. mandira Says:

    that looks delicious and is easy to make too… will certainly try it out. Thanks for sharing.

    Do try it Mandira, delicious indeed with mild onion taste and tomato. yummy…

  11. Sangeeta Says:

    Hey Madhu,
    Nice recipie ! Will try it out very soon…
    U gonna post recipies for Diwali?? Looking forward…..
    Keep posting !
    TC 🙂

  12. Mythreyee Says:

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    I choose a theme and publish a round up of recipes and articles relating to the theme.

    The Current theme is Leafy Vegetables and it would be great if you can send your permanent link for this recipe with spring onions to cookforhealth@gmail.com. I shall be delighted to add your recipe in the Jan 10th/11th Roundup. For more details visit http://cookforhealth.blogspot.com


  13. tista Says:

    Thank you,
    This is a nice idea for a simple dish. Much appreciated!
    ~College kid with limited time/energy but love of good food

  14. mandeep Says:

    Hello what a nice recipie in anice blog. But i just came across ur site with google n with all other comments i think its all exclusive ladies club. I am from chandigarh with cooking as a hobby. Keep up the good work. And i would be thankful if you could give me any weblink which has english vegetable names converted into hindi names. Coz its not quiet easy to go to sabzi mandi and say “bhaiya spring onions hein?”

  15. shobha Says:

    Thank you very much, because we got simple and excelent taste recipe from you.

    thanks and regards
    shobha and family.

  16. Jeena Says:

    Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy 🙂 Feel free to visit my blog too 🙂

    Click here for jeenas food recipe blog 🙂

  17. R roopa Says:


  18. Rajani Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Just now I tried your spring onion curry for dinner, served with phulka. It tasted good. Thanks girl………


  19. P Priya Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    I tried this recipe and it turned out really good. It takes very little time and so is ideal for weekdays when I am in a hurry.

    Thanks for the simple and great tasting recipe!
    P Priya

  20. Pratibha Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    This is Pratibha,the physician from Bangalore living in NJ.MY daughter who is 8 yrs old, is newly obsessed with Alaska,she reads books and watches National Geographic movies on the state……Maybe we should visit you for a day in the summer just to say that we have been North of the Arctic Circle!Take care,keep warm,

    That’s so nice, plan a trip do visit us when you come. Summer is really good time to come during july you’ll get to see 24hrs sunlight. Would love to meet you and your daughter.

  21. Amrutha Says:

    I am just married. I was searching yummy carries. I saw this and i made this. This is very tasty thank

  22. aditrupz Says:

    Hi Madhu

    Was looking for a recipe for spring onion to be cooked Indian style rather than Chinese cooking and found your blog, it looks yummy especially the mixture of colors and simplicity of cooking ….. i am going to replace sambar masala with sabji masala and try it out with rotis today …. I love experimenting with food and hopefelly this should be a delicious experiment… thanks


  23. kiran Says:

    Looks very delis and very good

  24. Local Motive Farm » Week 3 Says:

    […] how about a curry? I bumped into a recipe for Spring Onion Curry. It sounds very simple, but maybe not abundant, so you might want to add something else…like […]

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    exciting issues and I’ve already added this internet site to one I am going to pay attention to ! ? !

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