Olive Chutney


I brought a can of olives and sun-dried tomatoes long ago to use them as a topping, that is when I make pizza at home. But that day never came, so I wanted to try something new using olives. The first thing came to my mind was ‘how about chutney? ‘ so I decided to give it a try. I used Olives, sun-dried tomato and chili(can’t make any chutney without chili). Never tasted this combination before so i was curious as well as anxious to know how it will turn out. To my surprise it was a fabulous combination of little sweet,tangy and spicy.

I think it goes well as a spread on toast or can use as a base for sanwich with little cheese on top or can also use this as a spread on pizza dough(which i’ll be trying very soon).

So here is how I made it.



Olives  I used one hand full (Pitted olives)

Sun-dried Tomatoes  3 (which was in oilve oil)

Green Chilli   1 small

Salt According to taste.


Put everthing in a blender and grind into course paste.

Moisture from canned olives and sun-dried tomatoes soaked in oilve oil, helps to grind into paste.

I used this chutney as a spread on a bread toast. It tasted very well. Enjoy! 



14 Responses to “Olive Chutney”

  1. Priya Says:

    WOW…I like the idea too…I just love olives but the only dishes I find them in is pizzas and in Subway sandwiches. At home I add it to pastas, will try the chutney next time 🙂 

    Priya if you love olives you’ll definetly love this chutney too. Let me know if you give it a try.

  2. shilpa Says:

    Thats a nice idea. My hubby loves olives, so I am gonna try this chutney.

    Thanks Shilpa and let me know.

  3. Krithika Says:

    Ruchi, this is a great idea. I think this is how Italians make Tapenade that can be spread on Panini and Muffaleta.

    Thanks Krithika, after you mentioned I searched web and as u said tapanade is made this way, i never knew that before. BTW can i ask you what is Muffaleta ?

  4. vineela Says:

    Hi Ruchi,
    Nice idea to do chutney.

    Thanks Vineela. Tastes good too.

  5. Archana Says:

    This is a superb idea, i am thoroughly impressed, never even thought about it before. I somehow gets an inkling that we can toss some penne with this chutney and create a totally unique dish. Fantastico !!!

    Thanks Archana, there are endless way we can use this chutney. That’s a nice one tossing with penne. If you are creating any masterpeice with this kind let me know..:)

  6. ArSu Says:

    Yes .. even i’ve a can of olives and sun-dried tomatoes sleeping in my pantry..thnx for a innovative recipe 🙂

    Hey Arsu,  Wake them up….:) and let me know how u liked it. Thanks

  7. Surya Says:

    Great idea!!in ‘must try list’.Thanks for sharing

    Thanks Surya for stoping by and try it.

  8. Krithika Says:

    Ruchi, Muffaleta is like a layered sandwich that is baked or grilled. I think this is a New Orleans speciality.

    Thanks Krithika for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

  9. sudha Says:

    Olive chutney?? Nice experiment. I think you had fun trying and inventing new recipe. well done. Even i like your colorful gojju , should try it out soon.

    It was indeed a tasteful experiment Sudha, let me know if you give it a try. Thanks.

  10. nandita Says:

    Wow Madhu, this is a perfect idea for fusion food- like an Indian tapenade-
    Will surely want to try this!

    Yes Nandita, Indianised tapenade. Let me know if u give it a try. Thanks.

  11. mohua Says:

    quite inovative…and sounds nice….my daughter doesnt like olives…but i guess if this combinaiton is added to a pasta..or salad..she wont know…!! now..thats how moms are!!!

  12. sam Says:

    i am now wondering if olives would make a tasty pickle with chillies,fennel ,mustard seeds….etc .so inspired by your idea i am going to substitute green olives for green mango in a green mango pickle recipe….: )

    That sounds like a great idea,pickling oilves. With mangoes it will more delicious. Do let me know if you pickle it.

  13. Josh Says:

    This doesn’t fulfil the requirements for a chutney. It’s more akin to tapenade.

  14. Patryk Says:

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