Akki Rotti (Riceflour roti)


This is my entry for Weekend Breakfast Blogging hosted by Nandita of Saffron Trail.

Akki rotti is a karnataka speciality. Akki means rice in kannada. Rice flour is used to make rottis. One can make so many different kinds of akki rottis. Most common one is rice flour mixed with coconut, cumin seeds and salt (called plain rotti). Other one is masala rotti made using carrot, onion, corriander leaves, chillies, cumin seeds. One can also add methi leaves, dill leaves. 

I follow my Mom’s method to make masala akki rotti.

Ingredients required

  • Rice flour          2 cups (makes 4 rotis)
  • Onions              1 small finely chopped
  • Carrot               1 grated
  • Cilantro leaves   handful chopped
  • Green chilli        1 (can substitute with chilli powder)
  • Cumin seeds      1 tsp
  • Oil                     2Tbsp
  • Salt                   to taste
  • Water                1 cup or according to required consistancy

At first take water in a vessel and bring it to boiling stage.(using boiling water makes dough smooth to pat on and also makes rottis soft to eat)

Meanwhile mix rice flour with chopped and grated veggies add salt.

Add boiling water, mix well using a spoon until dough comes together. Keep covered for 10 mins.(When covered steam from the hot water will make the dough moist)

When dough is cool enough to handle with bare hands add 1-2 tbsp of oil and kneed well. Now the dough is ready to make rottis.(Dough should be of medium softness not too hard or too soft)


Here is how I usually make, using wax paper.

Take a sheet of wax paper put little oil and smear arround, take handful dough, make a ball and pat evenly. 

Now transfer onto hot tava and remove the paper.

Leave it for a minute, turn other side and leave for 30 sec or so. Now its ready to eat.


This is how we make using bandlee(round shaped pan) or can do this directly on tava/griddle.

Take 1tsp of oil, smear around. Now take dough and spread around it.

Keep this on medium heat, cover and after minute or so it will be ready to be taken out(no need to turn and cook on other side). If u want more crispy leave it of little longer. Once done rotti comes out easily from pan.

To make another rotti, hold the pan upside down and run cold water all arround it, pan will be cool to make another rotti by this time(be careful while running water onto hot vessel, water will start sizziling as soon as it hits the pan).


Akki rottis are served with coconut chutney, gojju or eggplant ennegai. I like to eat with tomato-onion gojju. This time I tried it with Indira’s Red Bellpepper chutney and it goes very well with this kind of rotti.

For more akki rotti recipes check out Aparna’s Bhakshnam and Latha’s Masala magic.  


63 Responses to “Akki Rotti (Riceflour roti)”

  1. krithika Says:

    Oh wow ! This looks mouth watering. I have never tried this but your pictures are tempting me to try this.

    Try it Krithika, and let me know.

  2. vineela Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Different shape for biyyapu rotte but i like the way you did .
    and with Chutney it looks yummy

    I guess Biyyapu rotti is rice rotti in your region. Thanks for your comment vineela.

  3. Latha Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    Lovely pictures! The Bandli rotti looks so yummy and reminds me of home so much! I dont have a good bandli here to make these rottis in, so I usually use a flat non stick pan. But nothing like the taste and the even golden brown that u get with a bandli!
    I like your authentic recipes. I plan on trying your bele idli this weekedn on Sunday. Will let you know how it turns out 😉
    Keep them coming

    Yes latha, nothing like bandlee rotti. Last year when i went back home i got this especially to make rotties. I think we might get good bandlees here in US. Let me know how u liked bele idly.


  4. Sumitha Shibu Says:

    Wow it looks crisp and nice!

    Thanks Sumitha

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Madhu, my first time at your blog and I just love your rottis! They look so appetizing, would like one now 🙂

    Thanks to your great step-by-step recipe I might get up courage to try sometime.

    All the best!

    Hey Linda thanks for stoping by. You can sure have one ……let me know if u try it.

  6. Nandita Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    If the roti looks so wonderful in the picture, I cant imagine how good it will be to taste! Looks like i must get one of the bandlee vessels, it gives such a nice bowl like shape to rotis and stuff
    And thanks a lot for your participation-do check the round up which be around the 15th of this month.
    I love your blog, am here for the first time today-shall be around often
    Warm reagrds

    Thanks Nandita, Roti will be crisp when made using bandlee. Try it. will be waiting to see the round up.

  7. Revathi Says:

    neww recipe for – could be a lifesaver on weekday dinner nights where I keep praying I get some ideas for dinner 🙂

    Hey let me know if u give it a try.

  8. Nav Says:

    Great recipe Madhu! I have had this roti once in a friend’s house in Chintamani, Karnataka. I have enjoyed it thoroughly then and kept craving for it, but did not get a chance to have it again. Also, thanks for the tip about running the bandli through water for making subsequent rotis. BTW, are you going to post the recipe of your coconut chutney (the red chutney on the roti in picture). That looks yummy as well 🙂


    Hi Nav,

     Thanks , its not that difficult to make. Try it and let me know and about the chutney, thats Indira’s(Mahanandi) Red Bellpepper chutney, i have followed excatly her recipe check out..http://www.nandyala.org/mahanandi/index.php?s=red+bell+pepper

  9. ArSu Says:

    Wonderful presentation Madhu ! I loved the first picture a lot. It’s so appetizing. Going to try this soon.

    Thanks Arsu. Let me know if u try it.

  10. Priya Says:

    The Akki rotis look yummy Madhu, I can already taste them ;-). The ingredients look simple, healthy and more improtantly delicious. Will try it out soon. Thank u 🙂

     hey Priya,

    Yes its simple and delicious.let me know when u try it.

  11. shynee Says:

    My MIL makes wonderful akki rotis..my husband goes very nostalgic always abt her rotis…I find doing it a bit messy…so it just makes guest appearance in my menu!!…Nimma roti nodilike koode chanagithey ri..

    Hey Shynee,

         You know most of karnataka recipes, I guess its kerala-karnataka food everyday. If u think dough stick to ur hands add little water and oil accordingly. Try using wax paper its easy this way and won’t be that much mess i guess. Thanks .

  12. LALITHA Says:

    thanks for sharing this recipe. looks yummy and nice pics.

  13. Ashwini Says:


    I prepared rotti..It came out very well….thx for the recipe…

    Thanks Ashwini for letting me know and I gald it came out well.

  14. Indira Says:

    That looks gorgeous. Aparna of Bhakshanam also blogged about akki roti. I have bookmarked the recipe to try. I remember my grand mother making these. They are tasty particularly with a chutney combination.
    I am glad that you tried and liked the red bell pepper chutney and thanks for the link. Appreciate it.

    Thank you for stoping by Indira and thanks again for Chutney recipe. They taste superb with rotti. Let me know when you give it a try. 

  15. sheeba Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    The pictures look good and mouth watering. I am sure it will taste good with the Tamato Gojju.

    Keep up your good work.



    Thank you Sheeba for stoping by, it certainly tastes wonderful with tomto gojju. One of my favorite combinations.

  16. phani kumar Says:

    hey this rice roti looks so yummy .

    and its mouth watering

    phani kumar

  17. Shwetha Says:


    I tried your recipe and it came out very good. It has found a permeanent place in my menu. Thanks!

  18. Cookie Says:

    Gonna try this recipe now.. lets see how it goes. the recipe is very well written.. 🙂 Thank you!

  19. Paramjeet Says:

    Liked the recipe, the pictures are mouth watering. I will give a try to these recipes as they are new to me and i love trying new things. Thanks!

  20. Ellen Says:

    Hi – I tried making your masala akki rotti for the first time. It tasted ok, but it didn’t look very much like yours! I think I might’ve added to much boiling water to the dough. It wasn’t coming together, so I added about 1/2 cup more water than your recipe calls for. I tried making it in a hot wok, but the dough was a bit sticky.

    Can you advise as to how I might have more success? Thanks!

  21. Kiran Says:

    This is my fav!!! All time fav…

  22. Jay Says:

    Hai Madhu
    I tried this receipe, it was superb. thanx for the step by step explanations.

    Thanks Jay for trying my recipes and taking time to leave a comment, I truely appreciate.

  23. roopa Says:

    liked the roti:) Its easy too!

    Thanks roop for taking time to leave some comments, do try the recipes when you get time and let me know. Appreciate you stopping by.

  24. Akki Rotti (Rice Roti) « The ‘yum’ blog Says:

    […] I prefer “Sada” Akki Rotti (plain rice flour bread) to the many different the masala ones which have onions, grated vegetables, cumin and green chilly. Sada or Plain Akki Rotti is a zero […]

  25. Vandana Says:

    Dear madhu…
    I prepared rotti..thanks for the recipes.but plz can u tell me where can i get wax paper?it is reusable?

    thanks & regards

    Hello Vandana,
    Glad to know that you tried out roti, If you are in USA you can find wax paper or parchment paper in baking department(or you can use plastic sheets to make rotis). Its not reusuable, you can make like 6- 8 rottis, paper will be all oily by this time you can use a new one. Hope this is useful for you.

  26. dddd Says:

    It looks yummy. Naanu direct aagi bandli li rotti madthini . Of course i wash it each time after a rotti is removed. Next time naanu next time nivu kotta haage wax paper use madthini. Looks yummy.

  27. Sreeja Says:

    I really loved this akki roti when i first had it in mysore, the taste still lingers in my mouth. 🙂

    I am going to try this again this sunday. Will tell you how it went.

    Thanks for this detailed recipe of yummy rotti.


  28. renuka Says:

    I was looking for this recipe everywhere and thanks to you for posting this. This is my husaband fav food. and It looks like same as my MIL used to make for him

    I am glad you find the recipe, do try it and let me know how your family liked it.

  29. devadutta Says:


    Just when I was getting worried that I did not write down my mother’s recipe for akki rotti, your blog with a little help from google set me free of the worries 🙂

    I remember my mother mentioning curds. I dont see it in yours.. you should try adding that too


  30. Ramki Says:

    Hi Ruchii,

    Have blogged your Akki Roti as a model recipe in my One page cookbooks.


  31. vidhya Says:


    Akki Roti Thumpa Cheenagithu.

  32. Harini Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    Thanks for this tasty recipe! I followed your recipe to the ‘T’ and made these akki rottis today. The taste was great!

    Had only one problem. The rottis turned out hard, tough and too chewy. Could you please help me fix this? I love akki rottis. My college friends use to make it for me in Bangalore.
    Thanks for your time!

  33. Indira Says:

    Ya! tried it :)..tasted good, but like madhu came out tough and chewy :-(…probably I’m not spreading it right, or the dough was not moist enough

    Should i make the rice flour or can I use store bought rice flour?

  34. Indira Says:

    I meant like harini..sorry!

  35. Dibs Says:

    Hello Ruchii,
    Found your blog, while googling for akki rotti. The bandli is giving such an exotic look to the rotti. Lovely idea!

  36. Dibs Says:

    and oh …my question. Since you are already patting the rotti on wax paper, and not directly on the bandli or tava – is it still required to cool the tava under water before making each rotti? Thanks!

  37. uma Says:

    hi madhu,

    seriously its very tempting, moreover i am 7 week pregnant now, and away from home and homecountry, i am just feeling like going back home and having it from my moms hand..thanks

  38. b.s.raju Says:

    yes it was very good i liked it, roti came out very well and also it was like my mom prepared roti

  39. Alrette Says:

    which rice is used for rice flour ya?

  40. Aanya Says:

    Wow, looks amazing. Love this dish. Need to try it.

  41. Pavithra Says:


    I was looking for the recipe for Akki Rotti and i found this one. I tried it and it turned out awesome….thanks a lot for the recipe and the tips…adding boiling water to the flour really makes it soft and moist….

  42. Kamala Says:

    adeeeeengapppa!!! great!!!

  43. Bhaskar Says:

    I am Tamil and I grew up with a lot of kannada friends. I used to relish Akki Rotis when they used to make for me.
    Today I tried making Akki Roti using your recipe and it came out ok. But the dough was pretty sticky even after cooling down. can you please tell me if that is expected?
    Thanks so much for your recipe.

  44. satyask Says:

    Thanks, I shall do it your way today!

  45. Cinta Says:

    after read this article so i want to make to try eat coz i dontk know about roti akki…

  46. vischa Says:

    thx for u’r posting

  47. Aimee Bauman Says:

    If only more than 48 people could read this..

  48. Lela Foreman Says:

    If I had a dime for each time I came here.. Superb post!

  49. sara Says:

    i like your recipes

  50. sarathy Says:

    why its not known in chennai?

  51. sushmitha Says:

    hi this is my favourite but i dont know how to do it thanks for the recipe i had the taste with my frnd she used to bring to school

  52. Vandana Says:

    very nice recipe.this weekend i will try to do this roti…by the way where we can buy “wax papers”, its different for cooking?plz let me know.thanks in advance.

  53. G P Says:

    Thanks a lot for the receipe … we had a great time preparing it and came out real good…

  54. Archana Says:

    For a change, you can add coarsely grounded roasted peanuts n roasted channa(pappulu)n curry leaves to the flour. It’ll taste yummy, believe me….

  55. Different Types of Roti | My Indian Recipes Says:

    […] Akki rotti is a karnataka speciality. Akki means rice in kannada. Rice flour is used to make rottis. One can make so many different kinds of akki rottis. Most common one is rice flour mixed with coconut, cumin seeds and salt (called plain rotti). Other one is masala rotti made using carrot, onion, corriander leaves, chillies, cumin seeds. Read More […]

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  60. roti maker Says:

    nice info thank you fopr sharing

  61. Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up | Saffron Trail Says:

    […] makes this special roti made from rice-flour which is a Karnataka specialty. It’s called Masala Akki Rotti and it’s passed on to her from Mom. […]

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