Hello and Welcome !

Ruchi meaning ‘taste’ in kannada. Its the craving to taste something sweet, sour OR spicy and the aroma while making food is what interests me in cooking.Through this Blog I would like to share recepies I ate growing up, came to know about different ethinic cusines while in college and recipes that I now experiment.



16 Responses to “Hello and Welcome !”

  1. RP Says:

    Ruchi means taste in Malayalam too. 🙂
    Eagerly looking forward to your posts.

    You are the first one to stop by my new blog. Will post very soon.

  2. Archana Says:

    Hi Ruchi,
    Welcome aboard, have fun blogging !!! Looking forward to read your posts…

    Thanks Archana, will post soon.

  3. shankari Says:

    Blogging is so much fun, I have made new friends and love it, hope you feel the same too.

    Thanks and hope to make some new friends and learn new recipes 

  4. Tisha Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Saw ur comment on 'Happy Burp' and followed u here.
    Looking fwd to delicious recipes from you. I grew up in karnataka too , but wouldn't know much kannadiga recipes…. Will peep into ur blog often for sure………

    Thanks Tisha, Will post some recipes soon.

  5. sudha vinodh Says:

    hi madhu, happy blogging..Its real fun blogging.u can add me madhu..i will also add you to my blog roll.thank you so much for ur comments. Do try the puff and let me know…

    THANKS sudha, can't wait to try your puffs recipe. Will post the picture as soon as I make them.

  6. Vaishali Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Hey, I am really looking forward to some Mysore cuisine from you. My husband did his Engineering in Mysore (NIT). He raves about the (home as well as restaurant) food that he used to enjoy while in Mysore. And as for the link, just go ahead and add me. You don't really have to ask for permission. I will add you too. Thanks for letting me know about your blog.

    Thanks for stoping by Vaishali. Will post some recipes soon.

  7. Tanuja Says:

    Hi Ruchi,

    welcome to blog world of food, looking forward to see mysore dishes from ur kitchen:)

    Thanks Tanuja.

  8. sailaja Says:

    Welcome to the food blogging world, Ruchi. Look forward to your recipes.

    Btw I made Mysore Rasam today..:)

  9. Puspha Says:

    Welcome to the food blogging world. All the best to u.

  10. Shynee Says:

    Another toddler in the blogosphere…my husband is a kannadiga and i’m a malayali…so hoping to share more kannada recipes….Kelavanthu bath mathra kalthiddeeni….nimmintha remaining kali bodu,alwa?Happy blogging!

    Nice to know you. I know lots of baaths ………Will post some recipes…..

  11. Pratibha Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Came upon your site when surfing the web.I am a Bangalorean living in NJ for past 12 years.Your recipes are authentic and the pictures with ingredients are beautiful.I am a physician by profession but also enjoy cooking.Hope to learn new dishes from you.How has it been living in Alaska?Your blog shows that with a little imagination one could cook truly beautiful dishes even without all the original ingredients-an effort worth applauding.Great job.

    Hello Pratibha,
    Nice to know about you. Really appreciate your time for stopping by to leave a comment. Well in alaska is not that fun, have to get out quite often. Do try the recipes and let me know.Hope to hear from you more. Thanks.

  12. Roopa Hariprasad Says:

    Hi Madhu,
    Found your blog today while surfing. Very nice recipe collection, esp, the Masal dose, reminded me instantly of Vidyarthi Bhavan. Thanks for sharing.

    Welcome Roopa, thanks for the visit.

  13. Khyati Says:

    I found this website while surfing google. I tried making Mysore Masala Dosa and it really worked. I am from Gujarat so making Dosas is not my speciality. But, I think I will really learn making yummy south indian dishes if I visit your blog regularly. Thanks.

  14. Geetha Says:

    Very nice sandwich recipe. We enjoyed it very much.


    PS: Noticed that you are Alaska! We will be be visiting Alaska July 4th weekend.

  15. Anupama Krishnamurthy Says:

    Hi Ruchi, You have a very nice food blog. I just started mine and would like you to visit it.

    I am also from mysore but grew up in gujarat. my recipes are a mix of karanataka, andhra, and gujarati dishes.


  16. sheela Says:

    Hi Ruchi !!

    Its great to have recipes from a kannadiga cos I am a kannadiga…. you are doing a great job !!
    Are you a vegetarian? cos I only see vegetarian stuffs !!
    If not then please do post some non-vegetarian recipes too !!
    Looking forward to see ….

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